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Romania Project of the Parishes of Dürnstein and Loiben

For around 30 years, the parishes of Dürnstein and Loiben have been running a large-scale social project in Romania. Our project is active in the region around Oradea, Tasnad and Satu Mare. Over time, healthcare and education have emerged as the focal points of the project. To take an example, we have supplied around 1,000 hospital beds and mattresses, as well as school furniture for 1,200 children.

In the town of Tasnad itself we support not only the schools but also the Dürnstein Health Centre and a soup kitchen. In Satu Mare, the Caritas canteen and especially the major outpatient clinic (polyclinic) deserve special mention. We treat 14,000 patients each month at the clinic. Around a third of these patients are unable to make any financial contribution, but they receive care nonetheless. It has been gratifying to see that the home care service we have been offering for a number of years is also developing very well.

We are also very pleased to have given some young people the opportunity to study. Human contact with our friends in Romania is invaluable: a true gift. Our work, which aims to ‘help people help themselves’, is supported by a friends’ association that has grown into a real network. In this respect, we would especially like to mention our collaboration with the Red Cross in both Upper and Lower Austria.

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