Discovery of

the Precious

The Redesign

The new exhibition combines existing display areas with rooms previously closed to the public. Entering through the main Abbey gateway, visitors arrive in the baroque courtyard and find the ticket office and shop area on their right. The first highlight of the new exhibition is the restored columned Gothic Hall, where the focus is on the theme of ‘the Good’. From here visitors return to the baroque courtyard to explore ideas around ‘the Beautiful’, both in the courtyard and in the rooms that formerly housed an exhibition on St. Augustine and the meditation path. The next highlight remains a stop on the Danube Terrace. The tour continues on the first floor, where visitors are given an insight into ‘the True’. The sacristy staircase leads visitors back to the ground floor and with it the final highlight of the visit, the Abbey Church. Returning to the baroque courtyard, visitors cross back to the ticket office and shop and, via the prelates’ stairs and the Abbey gateway, bid farewell to this baroque jewel.

Ground floor

© Stift Dürnstein

First floor

Exhibition themes

The Good

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good!
(Gen 1,1-2,4a)

The former warehouse, a magnificent Gothic columned hall, sets the scene for the exhibition: what does GOOD mean?… for the world, for me, for Dürnstein…

The Beautiful

Wonder is the desire for knowledge!
(St Thomas Aquinas)

It fills us with wonder! Be it the harmony created by the inner courtyard with its angels, or the view from the Danube Terrace up towards the tower and the Heavens: each artistic element has a meaning waiting to be discovered!

The True

I am the way and the truth and the life!
(Joh 14,6)

The Abbey Church is full of symbolism, telling us we have reason to trust in the world and in Heaven! Take your time and savour this synthesis of all the arts…


Stift Dürnstein – A baroque jewel at the danube

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) created a documentary on Dürnstein Abbey and broadcast it on 13 April 2020. We are happy to present this film to you:
(Duration: 28 Minutes, Language: German)