Discovery of

the Precious


The new exhibition combines rooms already known to the public with new areas that have not been accessible so far. Entering the monastery through the portal one reaches the baroque courtyard and finds cashiers and the shop to the right. A first highlight of the new exhibiton is the restaurated gothic columned hall which will ask the question of “the good”. Upon return to the courtyard the visitor is lead to encounter “the beautiful” alongside the rooms of the former exhibition on Augustine and a former meditation path. The highlight of this part of the tour is the Danube terrace. The visit continues in the upper floor, where “the true” awaits the visitor. This leads to the last highlight of the tour through the Dürnstein Abbey – the abbey church. The visit ends in the courtyard where, after a final view at the baroque ensemble, one can leave the abbey through the shop and the portal.

Ground floor

Upper floor

The topics

The Good

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good!
(Gen 1,1-2,4a)

The former warehouse, a magnificent Gothic columned hall, serves as an introduction; what does GOOD mean? …for the world, for me, for Dürnstein…

The Beautiful

Wonder is the desire for knowledge!
(Thomas Aquinas)

It makes people wonder! Be it the harmony of the inner courtyard with the angels or the view from the Danube terrace, or up the steeple towards heaven; every artistic element has its significance, waiting to be discovered!

The True

I am the way and the truth and the life!
(Joh 14,6)

The abbey church is full of symbolism: we have reason to trust the world and heaven! Take your time and take in the artistic synthesis…